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Helping organizations provide cost effective resources to ensure everyone can navigate and lead change successfully.



Lost Creek Press offers access to a variety of electronic resources through our cost-effective licensing agreements. Help your busy professionals build their capacity to navigate and lead change successfully.




We realize different generations of employees have different learning styles. We also realize eLearning solutions yield the best results when integrated into a blended learning and development strategy. Combine these eLearning resources with coaching, mentoring, workshops and consulting processes guided by Qualified Professionals inside your organization. You will significantly increase everyone’s ability to navigate and lead change more effectively.

Licensing organizations have unlimited access to the resources throughout a year long term. Access can be provide through the licensing organizations own Learning Management System or through our Lost Creek Press On-Line Learning Center.


E-Resources Available for Licensing

E-Courses – Online programs available through our Online Learning Center:

Leading Change - (2 hrs 56 min.): Explore how to lead change successfully by applying the integrated approach to leading change.

Communicating Change - (1 hr. 04 min.): Discover how to ensure communication fully engages everyone in your changing organization.

Project Teams Leading Change - (1 hr. 17 min.): Integrate essential principles of leading change into your projects.

Living with Change - (1 hr. 16 min.): Increase your personal resilience and learn how to navigate through change and transition.

Guiding Change - (2 hrs. 06 min.): Determine how to increase the capacity for leading successful change throughout your organization.

e-Booklets – Electronic Versions of Our Popular Booklets:


Communicating Organizational Change 3rd Ed.: Ensure communication engages everyone in your changing organization.

Generations and Change 2nd Ed.: Learn to understand and engage the five generations working in your changing organization.

Getting Through These Days: Develop the personal ability to successfully deal with the fast pace of change today.

Integrated Project Management: Learn how incorporate the integrated approach to leading change into your project management methodology.

Making Change Work: Discover the ten essentials required for successful change.

Simply Leading Change: Explore the integrated approach to leading change successfully throughout your organization.


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e-Assessments - Electronic Versions of Our Helpful Assessment Tools:


Communicating Change: Assess how your organization is currently addressing the proven essentials for communicating change effectively.

Leading Constant Change: Assess how your organization is approaching the challenge of leading constant change.

Project Management Effectiveness: Assess the current status of project management effectiveness within the integrated framework for leading change.

Thriving On Change: Assess how well you are personally dealing with constant, complex change. 

Top Ten List: Assess if your organization is meeting the top ten essentials required for any major change to succeed.



eWorkbooks - Electronic Versions of Our Comprehensive Workbooks:

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Navigating Organizational Change: This practical and insightful workbook helps people increase their individual resilience and capacity to deal effectively with the increasing complexity of organizational change. It can be used as part of a formal training program, as a basis for short discussions over a number of weeks, as a coaching resource for one-on-one discussions, or as a self-study guide.


Leading Organizational Change & Advance Reading 3rd Ed.: This comprehensive, practical workbook gives leaders at all levels an understanding of how to integrate effective strategic leadership, implement successful change, lead people through transition and engage communication throughout their organization. It can be used as a workbook during an intensive training program or as a guiding document for leaders as they move through any major change. It can also be used as a self-study guide for leaders and project teams. The Advance Reading is an introduction to the ideas contained in the workbook. It provides an introduction to The Integrated Approach to Leading Change™.

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