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Resources for Changing Organizations


Providing resources to help people & organizational change.

Founded by Chris Edgelow, we provide a comprehensive range of learning resources, from assessment tools and booklets, to workbooks, facilitator guides and elearning courses. We also provide an constantly growing collection of free articles. Our resources are very helpful for individuals, teams, project managers, supervisors, middle managers, executives and Human Resource, Training & Development and Communication professionals.

All our products and resources are grounded in The Integrated Approach to Leading Change™, our holistic model for helping organizations change. It weaves together Strategy, Change, Transition and Communication to ensure organizations can change successfully.



President & Founder

Chris Edgelow


Featured Resources

This dynamic and insightful workbook helps people increase their individual resilience and capacity to deal effectively with the increasing complexity of organizational change, and go with the flow of change, rather than getting hung up or left behind in the process. The Navigating Organizational Change workbook can be used as part of a formal training program, as a basis for short discussions over a number of weeks, as a coaching resource for one-on-one discussions, or as a self-study guide.

6 Booklet Set

ON SALE  - $75 CDN

Set includes all six booklets by Chris Edgelow:
     • Communicating Organizational Change 3rd Edition
     • Getting Through These Days
     • Integrated Project Management
     • Making Change Work
     • Simply Leading Change
     • Generations and Change 2nd Edition

This assessment tool will help determine the current status of project management effectiveness in your organization, using 10 criteria to ensure your efforts are successful. This product is designed to be used with the Integrated Project Management booklet.


The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
— Marcel Proust